One World: One Language:
The origins of all languages are from the same source. Many languages originated earlier because of the distance between people and the absence of interaction between them. Now the communication technology and devices are very much developed and the people all over the world need to interact between and the world is becoming one big village. Then why should we teach or learn many languages and waste our time, energy and resources? The literary works in all languages can be translated into the common language and can protect and make them more readable. One language gives the world unity, peace, development, prosperity etc. and removes boundaries and barriers in between people and saves time, energy and resources.

One Language and Human Development:
The countries that accept the idea of “One World One Language” concept will develop faster as their international trade relations will increase and they would be able to better manage their human resources. Most of the developed countries in the world follow a common language. The shortcut for under developed and developing nations to develop faster is to follow a common language. Translation of literary and other works in different languages to the common language will increase its possibilities & helps in preserving it. A common language gives opportunity to every person in the world and a chance for equality, growth and development. That means socialism can be achieved by using a common language.

One Language and Human Friendship:
One World One Language is the medicine that can unite mankind over region, country, religion, cast and creed. If we translate all the religion and other philosophies in the world into a common language, all will understand it and there will be unity and friendship in the world.

One Language and World Peace:
“One world One Language” will lead the world to peace. Through a common language the common man and the governing authorities of different countries can communicate effectively and solve their conflicts with friendship and speed and bring peace. This unity and peace will lead the people of the world to the philosophy of ‘A Global Country’ with One Constitution, One Law & One Currency. It doesn’t mean one ruler or one govt. The same countries, states, districts etc. continuing with one constitution, one rule & regulation & one currency under the leadership of United Nations. All the money & resources spending for defense can convert into development & poverty eradication. It gives peace & unity in the world & gives justice to everybody in case of law & opportunities. The advancement in technology, transportation devices, communication devises, globalization etc. reducing the difference in between people & countries. But, the different currencies, rules & regulations prevailing in countries making lot of difficulties & discriminates people in case of law & opportunities and waste our valuable resources such as energy, time, money & materials.

How he implementing in this world?

  1. International Procession of Human Unity: For promoting, the concept of “One World One Language”, Baba Alexander is conducting a worldwide Procession in the name of “International Procession of Human Unity”.
  2. Free Advanced Meditation Programme: BABA’s Meditation is a scientific practice that helps to control our own mind and consequently our own life and discover ourselves. The benefits of meditation are many and have also been demonstrated scientifically by him through this free programme which he conducting across the world.
  3. Free Art of Spoken English Programme: BABA ALEXANDER,NEW DELHI formulated and implemented a wonderful methodology under the titles ‘Art of English’ & ‘Doctor English’ for the acquisition of English in a quick, easy, and enjoyable way. He developed this unique methodology from his self -thinking and 35 years of experience being a teacher and a student. He conducts this free programme to propagate this methodology across the world.
  4. Baba Fasting Programme: A non- violent protest by BABA ALEXANDER, NEW DELHI, NCDC Master Trainer and Founder of One World One Language and Global Country Movements on 28 February 2017 at Calicut Beach against the unscientific language methodologies adopted in the current educational sector. It was an innovative movement by its nature & implementation.